Sunday, January 29, 2012


It's been a week of sickness for me. Nothing major just an old virus that kept me in bed a couple of days. I remember when I was little and I got sick. I lived in a house with 7 people (5 kids and 2 adults). Every time one of us kids got sick, Mom would send us packing to GrannyMaw's and PawPaw's house as not to infect the other kids. I loved it even though I was sick.

I remember GrannyMaw fixin' homemade smashed taters or oatmeal when I had a virus. She never failed us with canned vegetable soup when we had a cold, the measles, or the chicken pox. And when I say canned, I ain't talking aluminum. Straight from the garden, into a Ball jar, and put in a canner. Soooo good. I haven't had soup like that in over twenty years and I miss it so much.

These are some of the comforts I remember as a child when I was sick. What are some of yours?

Until next time...
Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear!

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